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Product:  Riso Sardo Roma Superfino


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Roma Superfino
  All of the risotto rice grown in Italy comes from seeds grown in Sardinia. The Sardinian climate and soil yields the healthiest seeds available.
  "Superfino" refers to the processing of the rice grains. Roma Superfino is obtained from the best quality grains that are polished to the highest degree to ensure the integrity of the final product.
  GourmetSardinia Riso Sardo is grown using the latest agrarian technology, where any imperfect grains are scanned, identified, and discarded before ever hitting the marketplace.
  Upgrade standard Arborio rice with Roma Superfino for a richer flavor and creamier consistency.
  Not just for risotto, Roma Superfino is well suited to other rice dishes like rice salads and casseroles.
  Try using Roma Superfino in rice desserts like sticky rice or rice pudding.
  Risotto with wild asparagus and pecorino


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