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Gourmet Sardinia at home - Chef Selected
We hope all of our products become staples of your pantry. Below please find recipes that were created by Efisio and can be found in his cookbook "Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey" or by the chefs at our Texas restaurants (Arcodoro & Pomodoro). Our recipes are simple, versatile and adaptable enough to suit your lifestyle. Bring out your inner Sardinian at home in your cucina. Salute!
GourmetSardinia has been recognized throughout the media for its uniqueness, high quality ingredients and extensive health values. Click on Press to read more.
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Olio Novello
(Limited Supply/Numbered Bottles)
Our Novello is DOP Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Montalbo hills on the east coast of Sardinia. This year we are proud to offer two olive varietals. The Bosana is a bit spicy, luscious and deep green. The Tonda di Cagliari is smooth, succulent and rich in color.
It is the prize of the first pressed olives that take place at the beginning of the harvest. Once you breathe in this unfiltered luscious golden-green velvety oil, it will take you to the sun drenched island of Sardinia.
Made to drizzle generously, not saved, over fresh toasted paesano bread with Pecorino Sardo, simple risottos, fresh garden salads of chicory and ripe tomatoes... even eggs! Order will go quickly.

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