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Lori and Efisio met in New York City. Efisio was visiting from Sardegna, Italy, and Lori, a native of Chicago, was working in Manhattan. While they were dating, they started managing a restaurant on the west side in NYC. After a year passed, an exciting opportunity came up in Dallas, Texas. In February of 1988, they packed all of their belongings into a trailer and moved to Texas. After the 36 hour drive, they started immediately on construction of their new venue, formerly an oyster bar.
They named their restaurant "Pomodoro" --- Italian for tomato. The kitchenís authentic cuisine from Tuscany and Sardinia would bring many firsts to Dallas. Italian traditions such as Bruschetta, Bresaola, Buffalo Mozzarella, Bottarga, Carpaccio, and Gnocchetti Sardi made their debut in Texas.
The restaurant opened on April 21, 1988 and the reception of the Dallas community and visitors from afar has been incredibly supportive. Lori and Efisio believed that the best advertising should be based on successful word of mouth, which has been proven time and time again and they are eternally grateful to the loyal Pomodoro regulars.
Each year they put their efforts and energy into growing their business. The first year they added on to the kitchen, the second fixed up the front room of Pomodoro, the third year elevated and constructed the Pomodoro patio, and the fourth built Arcodoro right next door.
Arcodoro (which means arch of gold), totally built and designed by Efisio, family, and friends, was created to compliment Pomodoro and provide a place where people could come ìto meetî for a drink, a quick bite, or just an espresso. It would also provide a bar area since Pomodoro never had room for people to wait or come in just for a drink. Everything in Arcodoro is Italian, the frescos on the wall were created by a Sardinian artist, Alfonso Silba; the tiles were bought on a trip Efisio made to Italy; the granite on the floors are from Italy; even the focal point, the wood burning pizza oven, was manufactured there.
In 1996, they decided to expand beyond the city limits of Dallas and open in the sister city of Houston. They were lured by the beautiful Centre at Post Oak in the Galleria area. The whole project was built from the ground up. Named simply Arcodoro, it combined the best elements of their original structures in Dallas. Arcodoro Houston received a supportive response from the Houston area and has built a loyal following in the area especially in the dynamic Italian community.
In November of 2000, the Dallas locations joined forces in a new building under one roof and reinvented themselves as Arcodoro & Pomodoro. This Mediterranean villa in the heart of Dallas transports visitors to the island of Sardinia without leaving the metroplex.
Arcodoro & Pomodoro Dallas and Arcodoro Houston are recognized for their authenticity and uniqueness. Many articles have been written by journalists around the world focusing on Efisioís strict adherence and respect paid to the traditional cuisine of Sardinia while infusing the cuisine with new ideas and ingredients. This combination of reverence for the old and making it new has led to the latest chapter in our historyÖGourmetSardinia.
The rustic and traditional cuisine rich in the flavors and textures of this timeless island has influenced Efisio since the days in his grandmotherís kitchen. Efisio is proud to usher in a new era of these traditions with his line of authentic Sardinian products.
Efisio has been promoting Sardinian cuisine in the United States for over 20 years and knows firsthand the products available and those that are missing from the US market. He has identified the signature Sardinian products indigenous to his home island that are not to be found here. Through his promotion of Sardinian cuisine, he has found and helped to create a need for these products and an initial market with other chefs, food writers and high end epicurean markets.
Through his travels back to his home, Efisio developed relationships with key artisinal producers and then developed joint ventures with these manufacturers of authentic Sardinian goods to make a line of products with the private label GourmetSardinia that will tempt the American palate.
Efisio invites you to celebrate Sardinia in the casual elegance of his restaurants in Dallas and Houston or in the comfort of your own home...
Buon Appetito!