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Olive trees are found everywhere on the island of Sardinia, and these trees produce some of the finest olive oils in the world. Even though machines have replaced the traditional methods of extracting the oil, the results have not suffered. Olive oil remains a delicious and healthy staple of the Sardinian diet.

Olive Oil Lineup

Olive Oil Is A Healthy Fat

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are a major component of many Mediterranean diets. Monounsaturated fatty acids are considered a healthy dietary fat, as opposed to saturated fats and trans fats. People need fat in their diet. Healthy fats keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients, and are a great source of energizing fuel. Healthy fat, such as olive oil, has shown to improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of heart attacks or heart disease.

Finishing Oil, For The Best Flavor

Most Sardinians have at least two types of oil in their kitchen; one for cooking and one for finishing. Finishing oils are generally of a higher quality and contain more subtle flavors that would go unnoticed if the oil were used for cooking. A finishing oil is used to impart flavor, in much of the same way any seasoning is used. A fine drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on a finished dish adds a bit of freshness and depth of flavor that is classically Sardinian.

A Variety of Sardinian Olive Oils

We sell a variety of olive oils here at Gourmet Sardinia. Our Cold Pressed / Extra Virgin Olive oil is crafted without heat or chemicals. Efisio recommends that you try this with Spaghetti Pomodoro or Risotto with white mushrooms. Our simple Organic Olive Oil is one of the best that you can buy today and has a flavor that you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world. You can do anything you want with this olive oil. It has a wonderful flavor and makes an outstanding finishing oil. Our Traditional Olive Oil is recommended for people that are just getting started with Sardinian cuisine. It is great for grilling and general cooking, as well as in simple salad dressings.

Cooking the Sardinian Way

It's important to us that people enjoy food, family, and long healthy lives.  The ingredients found on this site are expertly crafted from the finest that Sardinia, Italy has to offer.  Everything here is selected by Efisio Farris for it's color, flavor, texture, and a wide variety of other qualities including health benefits.  Our ingredients don't include junk fillers that degrade the ability of the food to contribute to your health.  


We hope that as you browse the site and read through the cookbook that you'll learn a new way of cooking delightful meals for your guests and family, and that you'll be inspired by Efisio's stories and the history presented here.

Experience Sardinian Cooking from the Masters

If you're looking to experience Sardinian cuisine from the master himself, Arcodoro in Houston, Texas is the place to go.  Treat yourself, treat your family, treat your friends or treat your colleagues.  Arcodoro offers an exclusive menu of great food that's reasonably priced.  Our Wine menu contains a wide variety of wines, including many that have emerged from Sardinia's rich traditions.  Visit today to make your reservation.

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