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bottarga-wholeA tradition dating back several millennia and kept by Sardinian fishermen, the Sardinian caviar Bottarga is a pressed, salted, dried grey mullet roe.  Collecting the roe sack requires a lot of skill; the fish need to be sliced open without damaing the pectoral fins where the eggs develop.  The light and flimy sack which encloses the eggs must remain intact of the bottarga will not age correctly.  While bottarga can be made from the roe sack of other fish, the grey mullet bottarga is distinctive for its golden color and milder, less "fishy" flavor.  

It is important to avoid cooking the bottarga as it will alter the delicate flavor of the caviar.  This delicacy is best used to enhance a seafood salsd or simple crostini.  Adding shavings of bottarga to a fish carpaccio or fillet with a complex flavor profile will round your dish out nicely.  The whole bottarga is a great compliment to seafood risotto.

The caviar is excellent with simple pasta dishes, thinly sliced on crostini with an olive pate, a curl of butter, or drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Our whole Bottarga di Muggine comes in AVG 85-110 gr.

Cooking the Sardinian Way

It's important to us that people enjoy food, family, and long healthy lives.  The ingredients found on this site are expertly crafted from the finest that Sardinia, Italy has to offer.  Everything here is selected by Efisio Farris for it's color, flavor, texture, and a wide variety of other qualities including health benefits.  Our ingredients don't include junk fillers that degrade the ability of the food to contribute to your health.  


We hope that as you browse the site and read through the cookbook that you'll learn a new way of cooking delightful meals for your guests and family, and that you'll be inspired by Efisio's stories and the history presented here.

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